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Now you can turn back time as did these clients

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Before & after using TransformEssence
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This woman could barely open her eyes due to drooping lids. Bags were very bad, and oh, that forehead!

Puffiness, age spots and wrinkles are gone. Skin tone is more even. Looks like she had a face lift!

Eczema before & after using TransformEssence
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The mother took this child to many doctors and tried "everything" including prescription drugs. Only TransformEssence cleared up the problem.

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People are Talking . . .

Chrissie's Experiences: My first application--
I just had a great experience with TransformEssence. After my evening shower several nights ago, I put TransformEssence all over my face. This was my very first time to use the product.

When I got up the next morning, I was shocked at the change in my skin! I have some dark spots on my cheekbones, and they were dramatically faded! I was so amazed, and then realized that I should have taken a "before" photo. So I didn't use any more cream because I wanted to get a picture of this.

The next morning when I got up, I looked in the mirror and found that my dark spots had faded even more, though I hadn't used more cream. WOW! They are disappearing rapidly! And then the third morning after I got up, I saw that the cheekbone spots were even fainter, plus some of my freckles were fading!

I have combination skin. It is oily on my forehead but very dry on my cheeks. There was a dry scaly patch on one cheek that was about the size of a quarter, but it's disappeared.

I still haven't put any more on since that first treatment. I want the results, but I really want to get a good "before" photo---before my skin gets too wonderful!

After 1.5 weeks--
I've been using TransformEssence for about one and a half weeks now, and every day am amazed by how even my skin tone is becoming. On my cheeks, the skin is becoming a single uniform color; the freckles are just fading away. It is SO soft and smooth. The dark circles under my eyes are disappearing. On my right cheekbone, one dark spot of damaged skin has become totally normal again. There are still a couple other dark spots on that cheekbone which are fading, but not gone yet. Same for the left cheekbone; the dark damaged skin is slowly fading. It isn't totally normal yet, but it's getting there.
My family keeps commenting on how great I look! This cream is great!

Just over 2 weeks--
MY SKIN LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! This stuff is really amazing! Today I had lunch with my husband and he said he could really see a difference in my face. I didn't look in the mirror for the rest of the day. At bedtime I was brushing my teeth and I swear my skin has improved even more and looks better than it did this morning! The pale freckles on my nose are almost gone. The dark circles under my eyes are fading away. The miscellaneous pale freckles all over my cheeks have vanished. The large dark spots of damaged skin on each cheekbone are just fading away. WOW WOW WOW!

After 7 weeks--
I just wanted to tell you how excited I am every morning when I look in the mirror. My skin tone has evened out so beautifully that I look years younger! And my EYES! Oh, they are beautiful! The dark circles under my eyes have vanished and the lids are firm and tight. Wow!

I know that TransformEssence isn't for acne, but it has been working very well for me. I've always suffered from clogged pores and pimples on my cheeks, and when the blockage finally clears, it leaves darkened skin. But not anymore! TransformEssence clears the blockages and fades the scarring. And now that I have been using TransformEssence for more than a month, I no longer get those clogged pores. It used to be a constant problem on my cheeks, but I haven't had a blemish there in a couple weeks! Whenever I have a breakout anywhere, I dab TE onto it. The blemish dries right up and flakes off within 2 days.
I really love TransformEssence! -- CB, OK

I've only been using it for a couple of weeks and my 63 year old face already feels smoother. The skin under my eyes seems firmer too. I wonder what two months will be like.... I absolutely LOVE my TransformEssence!!! I think this really is a "try it you'll LOVE it" product. -- CW, TX

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I went to have my hair cut. My hair stylist kept looking at me, and finally said, "You look so good today. Your makeup is so nice. I just love the color on you (or something like that). Well, I was only wearing mascara and lipstick!! When I told her, she said "Your face is glowing." I told her about TE, and she is interested in ordering, based on what she saw happening with me. I was excited about that!! BTW, she owns the salon. I had been watching for the glow that others had mentioned, but hadn't noticed it on myself. What a nice confirmation that I am indeed glowing!! -- JL, UT

I'm so happy with TransformEssence Cream. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, not dry and flaky like it was before. It's evened out the red tones, smoothed out fine lines, and I have a healthy glow all the time. My friends tell me I look younger, and I think so, too. Thanks for this great product! -- SCJ, WA

In a word, it's FABULOUS! I used it on half of my face, to really be able to see if it made a difference. The TransformEssence side had a glow after the first application! At first I thought I was imagining it, but, no, it was true, I was glowing on half my face! As I continued with usage, my skin tone evened out and keeps looking better. My skin FEELS magnificent. This cream feels like skin FOOD, or NUTRITION! My skin just sucks it up and asks for more, and feels so soft and young and clean! The other side now feels dirty and greasy in comparison.

Although wrinkles appear slightly diminished, I am confident that, with continued usage, this TransformEssence Cream will heal them as much as possible without plastic surgery, and most certainly prevent new ones from forming! Also, my skin feels tighter and firmer.

Another delightful aspect are the essential oils used to scent the cream, really pleasant. I am a longtime user/lover of essential oils, they are so powerful and therapeutic and natural, no comparison to perfume! -- KMC, CT

I have used TransformEssence for 9 weeks now once or twice daily and what I love about it is that it takes so very little to make my skin feel so soft and velvety. I'm still on my first jar! I have also noticed a very definite lightening of 2 sun damage spots on my cheek and neck. My skin looks very "alive" and healthy even without makeup. -- LF, AZ

For years I've bemoaned by crepy neck. Then I lost 30 pounds and my neck looked even worse - wrinkled and droopy. When I got my first jar of TransformEssence, I faithfully applied it to face and neck - always once a day, sometimes twice if I'd been out in the cold and wind. After a few weeks friends began to comment how clear my skin looks and that I look younger. I FEEL younger - I'll be 60 soon and am told I look much younger. It looked to me as though the crepiness on my neck was decreasing so I compared it with pictures I'd taken 6 months ago - long before TransformEssence - and WHAT a difference. The skin on my neck is firmer and the wrinkles have diminished!

I love the way TransformEssence feels and that my skin feels so smooth. It smells wonderful when I apply it and the smell doesn't linger long - a real plus compared to the cloying odor of perfumed creams. It is a daily joy to use. Thank you for developing this marvelous cream. -- KW, NH

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's so amazing to find a product that actually does what it says. -- CT, Puerto Rico

For me this cream is heaven-sent and it does absolutely everything I'd hoped for. -- KK, MT

I have always had such sensitive skin on my face that I have not been able to use anything but lukewarm water to clean it. I also have had a very difficult time finding a moisturizer that does not irritate my face. I started using TransformEssence. My face had no negative reaction at all. It felt great! After repeated applications I noticed that my skin felt smoother and softer all day, it was more toned, and my developing wrinkles seem to have diminished. -- LR, MO

Hey! Did hell just freeze over?? I am the original skinflint. I shop at Goodwill and buy generics. I won't spend money on ANYTHING. I would never dream of spending $95 on a jar of face cream; that's insane!

However, I am so impressed by TransformEssence that I'm happy to purchase it at full retail! I can't believe that I'd ever say that I'd pay $95 for a jar of face cream! This product is FANTASTIC! I will never use anything else! -- GR, TX

I lose out on quite a bit of rest and my eyes appear puffy and darkened in the mornings. I decided to apply TransformEssence to my eye area at night. It certainly has made a difference in brightening up the area and lessening the puffiness surrounding my eyes whenever they appear tired and worn from lack of sleep. -- TA, TX

I have been using the cream every day and love it. There is definitely a tightening of the skin and erasing of fine lines. My skin looks healthy and clearer. This formula is a winner! -- AP, MI

I have just begun using TE and it is lovely! My skin is certainly happy! The aroma is pleasing, light - and unusual! What a joy it is to use this cream! Thanks for all you've done. -- KW, VT

Men enjoy TransformEssence™, too.

My toughest critic, my girlfriend, told me I look years younger. I had only used your cream for one week at that time. Now she wants my jar! Please send me another one. -- BB, CA

I've applied TransformEssence to my face and the back of my hands once every day or two for about 6 weeks and I find it far more effective than other skin creams I have used over the years. I'm 64 and prefer to appear 50ish and this cream is achieving the desired effect. My face is less dry, more supple, has a noticeable radiance, and wrinkles are gradually diminishing. The skin on the back of my hands used to resemble crepe paper during our dry cold winters, but now it is smoother, less dry, and several sun (or age) spots are gradually diminishing. I am very pleased with the results and anticipate continuing improvement with time and TransformEssence.-- JR, Canada

This is the best cream that anybody ever made! It is a great value and worth every penny. I love it! -- RR, MO

One should note that results will vary.

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